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Snake Bite and your pet

Posted on November 19, 2011 at 8:44 PM
Muscular Paralysis is the dominant clinical sign in all serious and fatal cases.
The paralysis is usually of the ascending type, first affecting the hind quarters and then progressing to complete paralysis.
Although Paralysis clearly aids the diagnosis, it is the earlier signs which are especially valuable. In Dogs and Cats, dilated pupils with absent or reduced pupiliary light reflex appear to be an early and most important (Although Variable) sign that significant envenomation has occurred. Only in severely envenomated cases may paralysis occasionally be seen before pupillary dilation.
The severity of illness will vary from animal to animal and snake bite can produce diverse clinical signs. Any or all of these signs may be observed-
Trembling, Vomiting, Salivation (absent in cats), defecation, ataxia (weakness ), dialted pupils, slow or absent pupillary light reflexes, respiratory distress, shallow or abdominal respiration, hindquarter weakness, pale gums, jaundice, bleeding from bite wound.

Categories: Snake Bite Envenomation

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